taktaktak Drumbo (r2p)

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Taktaktaks Drumbo is a 10 HP Syncussion-type drum synthesizer in eurorack format with plenty of controls and CV modulation.

Built module - no diy

10 percussion modes
Analog signal generation
Two VCOs
Sample and hold
Invertable curve envelope
LFO with selectable square or triangle wave

Trigger input. 0.1-20ms +5V pulse trigger recommended.
Force CV input (dynamic accentuation). CV range: 0V to +5V.
Mode change CV input. CV range: 0V to +5V.
VCO CV input. 1V/Oct.
Decay CV input. CV range: -5V to +5V.
VCF CV input (LPF cut off). -5V to +5V.
Drum(bo) output.

Width: 10HP
Depth: 29mm (from front panel to back of module)
Power: 125mA @ +12V, 35mA @ -12V