Synthrotek Mean Screamer

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Synthrotek's original Mean Screamer Pedal goes way beyond a typical tube screamer clone with a couple of great mods. They are using an original 4558 OP-AMP IC to give it that beautiful classic boost.

  • The Brown tone mod adds EXTRA BEEF and Chunk!
  • High End Boost Mod - Adds extra high end that sticks out in solos, etc.
  • No Pop - a former version of the Mean Screamer had a loud pop when the foot switch was pressed; no longer!
  • Hand-wire or PCB-mount the board (there are different assembly instructions and bills of materials for each):
  • The PCB-mount version is designed to fit perfectly in a pre-drilled 1590B case
  • The wired version lets you put it in any case you like
  • Reverse polarity protection: if you plug in a center positive adapter, you won't fry the circuit
  • Takes a standard BOSS style 9V Center Negative AC Adapter with a 2.1mm barrel (not included)

  • Why have two different versions?

    The PCB-mount and wired versions of the PCB use the same circuit and sound the same.

    The PCB-mount version:

    • takes less time for an experienced builder;
    • fits in a smaller case and takes up less room on a pedal board.

    The wired version:

    • is easier to repair and solder and is recommended for new builders;
    • can be used in a custom case;
    • uses metal audio jacks instead of plastic.