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ST Modular Matrico

10HP 3x3 Bipolar Matrix Mixer with SUM Out

MATRICO has three inputs ( I-III ) which can be routed to any of the three outputs ( A-C ). For each connection between I-III and A-B there is a seperate potentiometer which acts as an attenuator/ attenuverter. For each output A-B you can decide wether the signals should be processed unipolar or bipolar.

The LEDs indicate wether a positive or a negative signal is present at the respective input. They only show input signals, as it is so much easier to identify a signal to be mixed with other signals.

There is also a sum output with LEDs that provides a mix of all outputs.

There are many creative ways to use matrix mixers for CV and audio processing. MATRICO is a full-featured matrix mixer in a small footprint that provides instant access to this modular creativity.


  • 3x3 Matrix Mixer
  • Bipolar or Unipolar
  • Input LEDs
  • Small HP Size
  • Performance-Orientated Mixing
  • Wrong Polarity Protection
  • 3U Eurorack Module, 10 HP wide
  • Power consumption: 35mA at +12 V and 25mA at -12 V
  • Front PCB Panel, Main PCB

*** panel & pcb only, no further parts are included here !

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