ST Modular hum protector hp200 (p&p)

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ST Modular hum protector hp200

0HP hum and noise eliminator

The HUM PROTECTOR HP200 is probably the most compact stereo hum eliminator on the market.
It reliably protects your audio signal from any noise and hum.

key features

  • 1x Stereo or 2x Mono
  • Compact Design
  • No Power Required
  • Easy to Solder

Offering either two mono channels or one stereo channel, the device comes in two variants. The initial version incorporates a more economical and compact SMD audio transformer, whereas the alternative version integrates larger through-hole audio transformer with marginally superior specifications. Despite this distinction, both iterations are recognized for their commendable audio quality, exhibiting no discernible differences. From a technical standpoint, audio transformers serve to electrically isolate connected devices, effectively eliminating noise and hum in the audio signal path.

The HP200 functions as a desktop unit, eliminating the need for valuable HP (horizontal pitch) in a Eurorack case. Its versatility extends to modular setups, as well as compatibility with grooveboxes, samplers, and other synthesizers, particularly those powered via USB.

To eliminate hum or noise when connecting your synth to a mixer for example, just insert the HUM PROTECTOR between the devices by connecting the synth output to the HUM PROTECTOR input and the HUM PROTECTOR output to the mixer input. This should resolve the issue. You can also utilize it to eliminate noise from an audio interface by connecting it to the interface output and the monitor's input.

Will there be a full size jack plug version? Probably not, as the product is designed for Eurorack and USB-controlled devices that typically use 3.5 mm jack plugs. In addition, there are already numerous versions with full-size jack sockets.


*** panel & pcb only, no further parts are included here !