SetonixSynth Voltage Indicating Multiple

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SetonixSynth Voltage Indicating Multiple - Eurorack

The Voltage Indicating Multiple is a high performance 2-channel buffered multiple with a 12-segment LED indicator for each channel that attractively shows the approximate voltage at the input and output of each channel. This custom designed, low current draw LED indicator is entirely discrete! The range is adjustable via the two rear trimmers to show a wide range of signals. Common ranges include +/-5V, +/-8V (default “factory” setting) and +/-10V.

The Multiple section offers rail-to-rail performance with a <1mV offset between the input and output when used correctly.* These are two simple dual op-amp buffers, with each input transmitting signal to the two outputs below it. With nothing patched to the second input, the signal from the first input is normalized and its two outputs will also output the voltage present at the first Input jack.

Technical Specifications (Eurorack standard)

Width: 4hp
Depth: 35mm
Peak Current Draw: 35mA @ +12V, 35mA @ -12V
Input Impedance: 10MΩ (5MΩ when normalization is active)

Output Impedance: 1kΩ