SetonixSynth Detectorist

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SetonixSynth Detectorist Gate / Trigger Generator - Eurorack

The Detectorist is a 2hp Gate-to-Trigger-to-Gate module, designed to provide useful “duty cycle”-like behavior from any sharp rising edge input.

When triggered by either the Gate Input jack or Manual pushbutton, the Detectorist will produce an adjustable-length Pulse, spanning in length from 12 milliseconds - about 85 seconds over its three ranges. If the Detectorist is re-triggered while the Output is already active, the count will reset but the Output will remain active without dropping to zero, thus “tying” the pulses, or producing 100% duty cycle.

Technical Specifications (Eurorack standard)

Width: 2hp
Depth: 35mm
Peak Current Draw: 15mA @ +12V, 0mA @ -12V

User Manual