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Reverse Landfill - Audio - Noise -

hier gibt es nur das Panel und die Platine, keine weiteren Bauteile enthalten !


The newest version of the Noise module!

Noise! has got 4 knobs for frequency, 4 CV inputs, 4 outputs, an internal patchbay, range jumpers for OSC1 and OSC2 and several modding possibilities.
This new v8 pcb & panel don’t need any wiring and are suitable for shallow cases.

The Synth is based on 4 Squarewave oscillators that modulate each other,
go through a clock divider and are mixed together to create harsh noise and random control voltage.
The result is often unpredictable and evolving, suitable a source for snares, hihats or as ‘unpure’ audio texture designs.
When the range jumpers are placed, a whole new beast appears.
Chaotic structured beats, noise rhythms and artifacts are spitted out.
(sound examples “patch1” and “patch2” )


Power usage: 19mA +12v, 0mA -12v, 0mA +5v
Reverse polarity protection.
8HP panel, grey / transparent knobs
Depth: 33 mm minimum (with flattened Dupont patch cables) ,
45 mm maximum (without flattening them)

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