MST 4-Channel Audio/ CV-Mixer


Der MST Audio / CV 4-Kanal-Mixer ist ein Mixer und / oder Attenuator mit Mute-Schaltern pro Kanal - ein "must have" in jedem Rack !


The MST Audio/CV 4-Channel Mixer is a mixer and/or attenuator with mute switches per channel - amust for the performing modular artist!


1 on/off (mute) switch per channel

Jumper select ~unity gain or ~2x gain amplification

Attenuator per channel

Master output attenuator

Normal- in-phase output & Inverted, reverse-phase output

Green +5V LED indicates ìOptimalî level output

Red ìClipî LED indicates ~8V to rail


Current draw: V+ max 13.25mA, V- max 7.35mA

Width: 8HP, Depth: 3.5 cm (1.88 in)