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JOLIN TUTTO&SEMPRE stereo performance mixer

TUTTO&SEMPRE is a stereo performance mixer with 4 channel strips, an active patchbay, individual VCAs, clickless mutes, individual post attenuation direct outs, a main balanced stereo output and two high fidelity headphones drivers with switchable stereo inserts.

The module consists of two main blocks:

Mixing frame

I - 4 pairs of actively normalled inputs with input LED meters.

- Patchbay out – a cable here interrupts the signal flow.

- Patchbay insert to get back to the mix.

V - Control voltage input for the VCAs.

Audio graded logarithmic stereo potentiometers.

Paired clickless mute toggle.

O - Individual output post attenuators.

Output stage

The main level knob regulates the volume of the three outputs: L and R are balanced line level signals while S is a combined stereo output designed to be fed into external 3.5mm interfaces.

A stand for auxiliary inputs: signals fed here will bypass the first mixing block.

The main mix continues to flow to the two headphones amplifiers. Each one of them can easily power up to 600 ohms drivers with low noise and high-fidelity performance. A stereo aux input can be fed into each one of the phones sections with a switch that allows isolated preview listening and routing to the main mix – this makes the module able to manage up to 7 stereo signals at the same time.


  • Four channel stereo performance mixer.
  • Signal path optimized for the integration between modular systems and outboards.
  • Versatile mixing frame with an active patchbay, stereo attenuators, paired VCAs and clickless mutes.
  • Line level balanced L and R output + combined stereo with master auxiliary input.
  • Two independent headphones drivers with switchable individual stereo preview input.
  • “Whatever” power connector a.k.a. don’t mind the polarity.

Technical Specs

  • width 20HP
  • depth 25mm
  • 250mA +12V
  • 150mA -12V