Jolinlab NEXUM Black Mirror (kit)

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Jolinlab NEXUM is a customizable multi cable tester.

It will let you test cables with a max of 20 pins in three formats:

  • 2.54mm -> 2×8 – 2×5 / 2×8 – 2×5 headers
  • 2.00mm -> 2×10 / 2×10 headers
  • 1.27mm -> 2×10 / 2×10 headers

At the bottom there are four sockets to test:

  • TS cables -> mono patch cables
  • TRS cables -> stereo ones

The connection is considered true – blue LED lit – only if there is no continuity between the adjacent wire of the cable or discontinuity in that specific core.

There are also two LEDs indicators directly wired to the power lines that will let you know if the -12 or +12 are misbehaving.

It’s a module for the mass-producing-cables-addicted but also for testing a single one before powering up a new module.
Be sure that all the spaghetti are working before a gig. Just test them all!


  • Eurorack power cable tester – 10 pins and 16 pins 2.54mm
  • Mono and stereo patch cable compatibility – 3.5mm
  • Additional 20 pins 1.27mm / 2.00mm sockets
  • Power line indicators
  • “whatever” power connector on the back = don’t care about the polarity


  • current draw +12v 180ma / -12v 100ma / +5v 0ma
  • width 8HP
  • depth 18mm