Jolinlab ASCOLTA

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JOLIN ASCOLTA dual preamp follower

ASCOLTA is a dual high fidelity input preamp with envelope follower and peak detector output for each channel.

Ascolta consist of two individual high quality preamp connected to an envelope follower and a peak detector output.

On the back of the module you can select the behaviour of its internal normalization when no cable is plugged into I2:

S: the first input I1 will accept stereo 3.5mm standard cables from any source and split L and R to output O1 and O2 respectively. This way you can directly amplify stereo signals without the need of external splitters and regulate the gain of each channel individually.

G: the second amplifier will double the amplification of the first totalling a gain range of 80dB - 10.000x.

Envelope E and peak P outputs are strictly related to the gain level of their corresponding amplifier and will follow the dynamic of any input plugged.


  • Two high quality 40dB amplifiers.
  • Customizable internal normalization with selectable stereo or double gain mode.
  • Envelope follower output and peak detector output for each of the two amplifiers.
  • Audio graded potentiometers.
  • “Whatever” power connector a.k.a. don’t mind the polarity.

Technical Specs

  • width 4HP
  • depth 25mm
  • 50mA +12V
  • 30mA -12V