erica synths PSU (r2p)

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Simples breakout - Panel 4HP um die Powerbuchse und den Netzschalter auf´s Frontend zu transferieren.

Dies ist ein bereits fertig zusammengebautes Modul; es ist keine Spannungsversorgung dabei !


If you consider to use rack ears to mount Erica Synths 84HP enclosure in the studio rack, you may want to access the PSU connection from the front of the case, instead of the top. Then the 4HP PSU connection module is a solution. PSU Input module is intended to be used with external PSUs which provide an output voltage from +9V to +12V ("+" in the centre).

For two row eurorack enclosures (2x84HP) use a small screwdriver to disconnect the existing PSU connector from the blue terminal and connect the PSU connector module as shown on the photo.
For one row eurorack enclosures (1x84HP) you will need a soldering iron to solder wires from the PSU connector module as shown on the photo. Make sure soldered wires do not touch the aluminum enclosure!