erica synths Pico VCA2 (built)

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Pico VCA2

The Erica Synths Pico VCA2 is compact voltage controlled amplifier module, based on reliable AS3330 chip. It features two independent channels, and the first one comes with the manual offset adjustment, useful for full span vibrato effects. Audio and CV inputs of the first VCA are normalled to the second one, so the module can also be used as a buffered audio splitter. VCAs are DC coupled, and they can be used for controlling amplitude of control voltage signals.


  • Two independent VCAs with a linear response
  • Manual bias adjustment on the top VCA
  • Input normalling
  • DC coupling
  • Input protection against overvoltage
  • Protection against reverse PSU connection

Technical specifications:

Nominal audio signal level -> 0Vptp

CV level (full span) -> -5V - +10V

Max attenuation -> -110dB

Power consumption -> +20mA, -19mA

Module width -> 3HP

Module depth -> 35mm