erica synths Pico Noise (built)

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Pico NOISE is a versatile noise and percussion sounds source. It consists of white a noise generator, a resonant VCF to generate various colours of the noise – from extremely dark ones to high pitched resonant sweeps and a VCA/decay envelope generator combination to create range of percussion sounds to emulate hi-hats, cymbals and even sine tone-based percussions, when the resonance is full up.


  • White noise generator
  • Resonant VCF for coloured noise
  • VCA and decay envelope combo for percussion sounds
  • Input and output protection against overvoltage
  • Protection against reverse PSU connection

Technical specifications:

Output amplitude-5V — +5V

Max decay time 350ms

Power consumption +27mA, -25mA

Module width 3HP

Module depth35mm