Apollo View Modular Rabbit Hole

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16HP summing mixer with characterful valve saturation & distortion. Rabbit Hole is a hybrid solid-state and vacuum tube design. It has two input channels with independent vintage VCAs. The outputs of the VCAs are summed and passed to a solid-state Drive circuit which at higher gain settings hard clips the signal before entering the starved cathode dual-triode vacuum tube. The OWTH - Off With Their Heads diode LED clipping circuit can be engaged for further distortion.

Rabbit Hole is capable of adding subtle warmth or total audio destruction. The Curiouser expander module adds an additional 2 inputs. Multiple Curiouser modules can be daisy-chained to suit your mixing requirements.

  • Expandable audio mixer
  • Glue for your drum mix
  • VCA to a synth voice
  • Add subtle warmth and character or total audio destruction
  • Capable of generating Subharmonics
  • Self oscillates with extreme settings


  • 2 channel mixer with vintage character OTA per input VCAs
  • 12AU7 Vacuum Tube Core
  • Fat sounding all analogue signal path
  • 4 possible stages of distortion
  • Tone shaping with CV control
  • Dry/Wet Mix with CV control
  • Feedback with CV control
  • Attenuverters on all CV inputs
  • Switchable diode clipping circuit “OWTH - Off With Their Heads”
  • “L8” Switch to change Tube character
  • Normalled Gain CV for all inputs including Curiouser expander
  • Attenuverter on Output to control volume and flip phase
  • Curiouser expander adds additional 2 VCA inputs
  • 16HP
  • 40mm depth
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • +12V 260mA
  • -12V 95mA


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