ŻŁOB MODULAR Entropy S/T\H Noise

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Entropy is an all 3HP analog random voltage and noise generator available as a Eurorack DIY Kit, PCB and Panel, or Built.

It features sample/track and hold normalled to white noise with a toggle switch for selecting sample(switch right position) or track(switch left position) and hold function. There is also a pcb trimmer(at the top of the motherboard) to adjust the spread(gain) of random voltages out from “scalar” (low gain, counter clock wise) to large interval jumping(high gain, clock wise).

All analog white, pink, and brown(red) noise 10vpp~(dependent on white gain trim). Smooth(infra red) random cv out at 10vpp with 2 range settings from wiggley with (more events, switch in left position) to almost random rise and fall envelope behavior(less events, switch in right position). White noise pcb trimmer sets the amplitude of the noise which in turn influences the rate of the infra out.

LED solder mask windows indicate positive(red) and negative(blue) voltage crossings

expansion capabilities coming soon

current consumption +12v: 10mA -12v: 10mA 47mm deep