XODES FC313 Triple Row 1U To 3U Format Changer 12HP

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Triple Row 1U to 3U Format Changer 12HP M3.0

With the series of FC313 triple row, Eurorack 1U to 3U adapters, the use of 1U modules in Intellijel format is no longer restricted to cases with 1U rows!

FC313 should fit any 3U Eurorack case and will locally add 3 1U rows, making the modules usable in their original orientation, unlike what is possible with commonly available 1U to 3U adapters.

The frame is held by 4 screws in the corners, making the top and bottom modules using the original rack rails, and the integrated rails allow combining multiple 1U modules on a single row.

The HP size in the product name is for the 1U rows, and the frame eats 2 more HP.

no screws included