Tesseract Modular - Blinks

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VU meter for eurorack.

BLINKS is a VU meter for eurorack with 24 RGB leds per channel, function is pretty easy, it has 2 inputs, one for each led column (no output btw).

PATT button changes the led pattern ( 6 patterns to choose ).

SENS button changes the input sensitivity, cycling in 7 steps.

Long pressing the PATT button enters the color scheme selection.

Long pressing SENS button enters the brightness adjustment. Most probably you'll prefer the lowest setting.

The module has a 5v regulator in case you don't have 5v in you eurorack PSU. A jumper in the back select if the led board would be powered by the 5v rail or the internal regulator (which works with the +12v rail)

Up to 3 stereo signals can be connected to a buffered input using the rear headers.

Easy DIY with only a few components, the led board is already assembled.

5v not indispensable

+5v: 30 mA (on lowest brightness)

+12v: 4mA (or ~40mA if 5v rail is not used)