Synthrotek TS2

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Now with banana jacks for power monitoring! The TS2 builds off the TST module. You still have a 16-pin power header on the front of the panel for testing modules, but we've added banana jacks for each power rail and for ground to make it easy to quickly check your voltage levels with an oscilloscope or multimeter. The ground jack can also be used to share a ground when patching Eurorack and Buchla system together.

A 16-pin plug is included to shield the header power pins when the module is not in use.

Please note: Use this module at your own risk. You will be exposing electricity to the front of your modular system. Be careful not to dangle patch-cables, etc. on the exposed pins. This may damage modules and your power supply. Be smart and safe!

Features and Specifications:

  • A 16-pin connector and plug on the front side of the module
  • LED indicator for each rail
  • Module width: 3HP
  • Module depth: 18mm
  • Current draw:
    • +12V: 1mA
    • -12V: 1mA
    • +5V: 3mA

  • Includes keyed power cable, 2.5mm and 3mm screws