Synthrotek Power Up

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Up your game with Synthroteks Power UP! Get a massive power boost to your system: up to 5A on both the +12 AND -12V. A simple, dual brick power system that is dollar-for-dollar the most power you can get per rail.

Features and specifications:

  • Power output:
  • +12V: 4-5A
  • -12V: 4-5A
  • +5V: 1.5A
  • Two 16-Pin Eurorack power connectors, keyed for safety
  • Molex quick-release connector for easy install of Synthrotek bus boards
  • USB jack for powering an iPhone, Beat Step Pro, etc.
  • Requires two isolated 12V 5A power brick (input voltage 12V), DC Input Jack size: 2.1mm
  • Module Width: 4HP
  • Module Depth: 31mm

  • Power Bricks are not included !

    Please note: Since power draw specs vary between manufacturers, available amperage is approximate; draw will be 4-5A per 12V rail. Requires two isolated center positive 12V 5A bricks to function correctly. Using any other power brick will void the warranty.