Synthrotek Five Amp Power

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The Five Amp is a throwback to Synthroteks original 5A Power Supply with some upgrades. It uses a quality 12V brick for the +12V power regulation instead of a +12V converter. The plus side of doing it this way is that whatever amperage the -12V and +5V rails are not using can be used by the +12V rail, which always draws the most of the three.

Five Amp comes in three different power configurations. We recommend selecting an option based upon your -12V rail draw. For a rule of thumb, Red (with red LEDs) will power a single row of 84 or 104HP, Green will power two rows of 104HP, and Blue will power three to four rows of 104HP.


  • Multiple power options to fit your needs and budget:
    • RED: Power one row of 104HP.*
    • GREEN: Power two rows of 104HP.*
    • BLUE: Power three to four rows of 104HP.*

  • Advanced low-noise, fully-regulated voltage converters on the -12V and +5V rail
  • Over-current protection: shuts off each power rail automatically if modules use too much current on that rail
  • Two 16-Pin Eurorack power connectors, keyed for safety
  • Molex quick-release connector for easy install of Synthrotek Noise Filtering Distribution Boards
  • USB jack for powering an iPhone, Beat Step Pro, etc.
  • Requires 12V power brick (input voltage 12V), DC Input Jack size: 2.1mm
  • Module Width: 4HP
  • Module Depth: 46mm


*Wondering how much power your modules will need? Check out ModularGrid. You can add all your modules to a virtual case and find out your estimated power consumption.