Synthrotek ADAPT SKIP

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The Synthrotek ADAPT series of modules use an original Synthrotek footprint design to take 3.5mm mono, RCA and banana jacks in any position! Mix and match to easily patch between different formats.

The SKIP has four 1 to 1 sections, ideal for converting four signals from one format to another. The inputs are at the top, the outputs at the bottom. Any 3.5mm input jack in sections B, C or D will normal to the input directly above it. (If an RCA or banana jack is used as an input jack in sections B-D, they will NOT normal to the input directly above because they are not switched jacks.)

This is a very simple kit to build, great for beginners!


  • Current Draw: none
  • Module width: 3HP
  • Module Depth: 14mm

Please note: this includes the PCB and panel only. You will need to source the rest of the parts yourself.

3.5mm Mono Jack -> PJ301M-12

Banana Jack -> 108-0903-001

RCA Jack -> 502-3501FPX