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Yaksha´s Fate ist ST Modulars 8HP Version of the Mutable Instruments‘ Resonator “Rings” in 8HP als pcb/panel kit.

Hier gibt es nur pcb und panel, keines der sonst benötigten Bauteile, diese müssen selbst beschafft werden.

Hier sind überwiegend SMD-Bauteile zu verlöten !

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8HP Version of the Mutable Instruments‘ Resonator “Rings”

This version was designed to highlight all “tweakable” parameters on top and hide those that will affect tune and harmonics. This way you can just freely loose your mind playing live without being afraid of accidentally touching frequency or structure creating some eyebrow lifts among the listeners.

It has all the functionality of the original module except for the two Outputs Odd/Even, Frequency CV (also Fine Tune) and Structure CV (Harmony). You may switch Filter CV or Decay CV to control Harmony via jumper though. The two outputs Odd and Even are mixed together on the OUT jack, but you can fade from one to the other using the Partial Knob. This way you get an additional sound shaping option and some kind of trigger control when two or four notes polyphony is selected. In contrast to the original Yaksha´s Fate will rather act as a VCO producing a constant tone (through very fast trigs) if you plug a CV source into 1V/OCT without a trigger at the TRIG input

Released under cc-by-sa-3.0 license



•Please check out the original module by Émilie Gillet which is an all time Eurorack classic already

•Illuminated Yaksha´s Fate Logo•Wrong Polarity Protection

•3U Eurorack module, 8 HP wide

•Power consumption: 125 mA at +12 V, 12 mA at -12 V

The module consists of three boards:

•Front PCB Panel

•Control PCB for knobs and potentiometers

•Main PCB

*** panel & pcb only, no further parts are included here !

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