ST Modular Werner (pcb+panel only)

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ST Modular Werner - 10HP Modified Émilie Gillet´s „Ripples“ Filter Modul als pcbs/panel kit.

Hier gibt es nur pcbs und panel, keines der sonst benötigten Bauteile, diese müssen selbst beschafft werden.

Hier sind überwiegend SMD-Bauteile zu verlöten !


•Analog Filter

•3 Filter Outputs: Low Pass 2-Pole, Low-Pass 4-Pole, Band Pass 2-Pole

•VCA für Low-Pass 4-Pole

•Interner LFO mit drei Wellenformen: Triangle, Inverted Triangle & Square

•LFO Reset, LED indicating LFO rate, LFO normalled to Filter Circuit

•drei LFO waveforms gleichzeitig

•Attenuator für jede LFO Wave oder external CV

•3-Channel Transistor basierter Mixer

•Volume control für jeden Mixer Kanal


•3U Eurorack module, 10 HP Breite

•Power consumption: 55 mA bei +12 V und 55 mA bei -12 V

Das Kit enthält 1x panel und 2x pcb

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10HP Modification of Émilie Gillet´s „Ripples“ filter

Actually its a Franz´d Ripples, if you like. Just like Franz, Werner is a filter with an internal mixer and LFO. It is not as buttery as Franz, but still one of the best filters around.

It has all the functionality of the original Ripples module, but also provides a transistor based 3-channel mixer and an LFO with Triangle, Square and inverted Triangle outs, that are normalled to CUTOFF and Q. This connection is interrupted as soon as external CV is plugged into the corresponding CV inputs.

The small trimmer potentiometers CV/FREQ and - FM + will attenuate the amount of the LFO voltage affecting the filter frequency. - FM + is an attenuverter (positive and negative). If you want to switch off the LFO, set - FM + to mid position and CV/FREQ fully counter clockwise. CV/Q will set the amount of CV affecting the resonance.

There is also an LFO RESET input in order to restart the LFO cycle. This way you can synchronize the CUTOFF movements to a rhythmical pattern.

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