ST Modular SPM Spread Mixer (p&p)

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ST Modular SPM

4HP 3-channel spread mono mixer

SPM becomes particularly valuable as it enables the dispersion of two mono signals throughout the stereo field within an audio mix. This capability proves instrumental in tidying up the overall mix, resulting in a more expansive and enjoyable auditory experience for listeners.

SPM is a 3-Channel Mono Mixer with three volume potentiometers. The gain per channel can be adjusted with trimmers on the board, making this mixer suitable for line and Eurorack levels.

In addition, you can pan channel 1 and 2 with the SPREAD potentiometer and thus spread both channels in the stereo field to the left and right in opposite directions. In the centre position, all channels are panned to the centre. If you turn the potentiometer to the left, channel 1 is panned to the left and channel 2 to the right and vice versa.

This is very useful to quickly clean up a mix and widen the sound spectrum in the stereo field.

key features

  • Analog Mixer
  • 3 Mono Channels
  • Pan CH 1&2 with one Knob
  • Skiff friendly
  • Wrong polarity protection

specs & downloads

  • width: 4 HP
  • depth: 30 mm
  • power: 19 mA @ +12V / 11 mA @ -12V

The module consists of two boards:

  • Front PCB Panel
  • Main PCB


*** panel & pcb only, no further parts are included here !