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6HP 3-Channel Mono, 1-Channel Stereo CV Click-Less Mute

ONCE IN A WHILE is a 3-channel mono and 1-channel setero mute switch with CV control. Any audio or

CV signal fed into the IN jacks and taken from the OUT jacks can be muted and unmuted with a latching

MUTE button per channel. If a channel is not muted, you can also mute it momentarily with the dedicated

STRIKE button. Conversely, you can unmute a mono channel with the same STRIKE button if it is muted

(not possible with the stereo channel !).

LEDs indicate wether a signal is being passed. You can also use CV signals to mute channels. Just connect

a gate, LFO or envelope to the CV inputs and the channel will be muted from a voltage of about 2 volts.

Even if you apply a control voltage to the CV inputs, you can mute the signal with the MUTE (latching) or

STRIKE (momentary) buttons.

Before soldering the module, you can decide if you want to use one of the mono channels alternatively

as a low-pass gate. It´s a single resistor you need to change and a mono channel becomes an LPG when

a CV signal is patched into its CV input. So if the channel is muted, it will be unmuted again when the CV

input is high. Mute mode = CV mutes the signal the signal when it is not muted.

LPG mode = CV unmutes the signal when it is muted.

The first input is normalized to the other inputs. Therefore you can also use ONCE IN A WHILE as a 1 to 4

buffered multiple with individual mute switches. ONCE IN A WHILE was designed to provide click-free muting

for audiuo signals, but has become much more performance-orientated with the addition of the momentary

STRIKE buttons and CV inputs. It was optimized to be used with the VTL5C9 Vactrol. You can also use other

vactrols, but then you may get clicks when muting audio.


•3-Channel Mono Mute

•1-Channel Stereo Mute

•Click-Less Muting based on Vactrols

•STRIKE Buttons for Performance Mutes

•LED Indication•MUTE or GATE Mode for Channels 1-3

•Wrong polarity protection•3U Eurorack module, 6 HP wide

•Power consumption: 25 mA at +12 V and 14 mA at -12V

The module consists of three boards:

•Front PCB Panel

•Main PCB

•Vactrol Board

*** panel & pcb only, no further parts are included here !
*** just the bare pcb(s) without any parts ***

*** ***

BOM & Co

think about

2x DPDT Momentary ON-ON GPBS800L 8MM

6x DPDT Latching ON-ON GPBS800L 8MM

8x Caps black or red