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1U 84HP Three 1to4 Buffered and Attenuverted Muliples & Voltage Sources

LANGE ANNA is probably the longest praline in the DIY Eurorack world and fills the width of most standard cases with no less than 84 HP. Obviously the idea is to carry CV and audio signals across the width of a Eurorack case.

This buffered multiple has three channels that multiply each signal to four outputs. For each channel there is a bipolar attenuator to adjust the signal level and polarity.
LEDs above and below each output indicate whether a positive or negative signal is present.
When nothing is connected to an input, a constant voltage is normalized to the inputs. There is a switch to select the maximum voltage of +10V or +5V.
With the help of the attenuators you can use these voltages to control other module parameters.


• 3x 1to4 Buffered Multiple

• Attenuverter per Channel

• Constant Voltages Normailzed to Inputs

• LED Indication

• Satellite Module with Summed Output (Satellite Module seperate/ not included)

• Skiff friendly

• Wrong polarity protection

• 1U Eurorack module, 84 HP wide (Intelijel)

• Power consumption: 65 mA at +12 V and 50 mA at -12V (with satellite)

• Front PCB Panel

• Main PCB

*** panel & pcb only, no further parts are included here !

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