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ST Modular Dirty Dan - 10HP 3-Kanal Vactrol-basiertes Analog Filter und Distorsion Modul als pcb/panel kit.

Hier gibt es nur pcb und panel, keines der sonst benötigten Bauteile, diese müssen selbst beschafft werden.

Hier sind überwiegend SMD-Bauteile zu verlöten !


Vactrol basiertes Analogfilter


separate Distorsion Einheit

High Pass und Low Pass

Cut Off für High Pass und Low Pass

2 Clipping Modi

Feedback Kontrolle

Skiff friendly


3U Eurorackformat mit Breite 10HP

Spannungs-/ Strombedarf: 85 mA +12V, 54 mA - 12V

Das Kit enthält 1x panel und 1x pcb

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10 HP Three Channel Vactrol-Based Analog Filter and Distortion Module

It lives up to his name - dirty, raw and snotty !

Dirty Dan has three input jacks - the first two are directly connected to the vactrol filter. The third goes through to a additional diode-distorsion circuitry and is then connected to the vactrol filter. Each IN has a dedicated volume poti. This way Dirty Dan also works as a Dirty Mixer :-)

The DIST poti sets the distortion amount for channel 3 IN. You additionally can activate soft and hard clipping with the switches on the panel. It is best to use a sine wave to hear the difference between the two clipping modes.

The distorted signal can be taken seperately from the DIST OUT jack and is being disconnected from the vactrol filter and the other two inputs, respectively from the OUT jack then. So you can use the distorted signal with external modules.

The filter itself is vactrol based and has its own nature. So the sound varies depending on the vactrols being used. Usual VTL5C vactrols will do fine, more fun may diy vactrols be ...

The sound from the inputs goes through a high-pass filter which can be set with the HIGH PASS poti.

A low-pass filter will take effect and can be controlled by the CUTTOFF poti. This poti isn´t called "low-pass" as you might expect, because the HIGH PASS settings directly influence the CUTOFF poti. If HIGH PASS is fully counter-clockwise, CUTOFF acts as a classic low-pass filter. If turned fully clockwise, CUTOFF will also act as a high-pass filter somewhere further than 12 o'clock. This way you can blend between low-pass and high-pass - with one knob - just the CUTOFF knob.

Low-pass and high-pass can be controlled by CV. A third CV-in controls both at the same time. The CV level for CV H/L may be varied with the CV H/L attenuator potentiometer.

The FDBK poti sets the amount of audio being fed back into the filter circuitry providing a nice resonance to the signal. The range of the feedback amount can be set with a trimmer on the PCBs back.

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