ST Modular DA (pcb+panel only)

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3HP Dual Attenuverter and Offset

DA provides two channels of audio/ CV processing with the help of two active attenuverters.

Unconnected inputs are normalized to an internal +5V constant voltage, which is very helpful to apply a specific voltage from -5V to +5V to another module´s CV input.

The output of the first channel is daisy-chained to the second, allowing the 2 channels to be mixed together. the second channel may act as an offset for the first channel.

Use this module to attenuate or mix signals, add an offset or change a CV singal´s polarity.


•Dual Attenuverter

•Dual -5V to +5V Source

•Offset and Mixer

•LED CV Indication

•Wrong polarity protection

•3U Eurorack module, 3 HP wide

•Power consumption: 12 mA at +12 V and 12 mA at -12V

*** (black) panel & pcb only, no further parts are included here !

*** just the bare pcb(s) without any parts

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* pictures of a built module with green panel as an example only

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