Sound Study AirWAV

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AirWAV is a virtual radio module, so it behaves a bit like a radio. It is designed to be a source of unexpected audio, not a drum loop player or a sample mangler.Like a radio, this module works on a series of banks and stations. Each of the 16 banks can contain many different stations. Each station is .raw audio file stored in a bank directory on the SD card. Choose a bank by pressing and holding the RESET switch. Choose a station by turning the STATION knob or plugging a voltage into the STATION jack.

Please note:
Micro SD card not included !


  • CV control over which audio file is being played
  • CV control over where the audio file starts when 'reset' receives a trigger.
  • CV accepts 0 to +5, with over voltage and negative voltage protection
  • CV inputs are additive to the pots
  • Manual audio file select, start and reset.
  • 16 banks of audio files (max each of 75 files)
  • 300 files max total
  • Output volume trimmer
  • LEDs act as vu meter as well as bank selection indicator
  • 4hp wide
  • 40mm / 1.58in deep
  • Current Draw:
    • +12 @ 80mA
    • -12 @ 10mA
    • +5 @ 0mA

Attention: This only comes with the PCBs and the optional panel! Does not come with a Teensy or any other items.

Information for re-use, adaptations or derivative works

Sound Study Modular is trademarked, and should not be used on any of works you create from these files.

We ask that if you want to re-use all or part of the files provided on github that you change the name of the product to something else