SetonixSynth Rottnest VCO/LFO

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Rottnest VCO/LFO - Eurorack

The Rottnest is a new oscillator design based around the Sound Semiconductor FatKeys SSI2131 VCO chip, featuring five different waveforms, extensive control inputs and superlative performance as both an audio VCO and as an LFO. In just 8hp (2” width in 4U), users of the Rottnest have access to a plethora of interesting and musical oscillation tools.

Features include:
-Highly accurate and stable 1V/Octave tracking over 10 octaves
-Three different frequency ranges: Hi, Lo, and Super Lo
-Five different waveforms available: Ramp/Saw, Triangle, Pulse, and Complex (based on CGS52 Lockhart Wavefolder)
-LED indication of cycle stage
-Hard and soft sync
-Linear and Exponential FM inputs with attenuators
-Pulse width control and PWM CV input

Current draw (Eurorack): 36mA @ +12V, 30mA @ -12V

Eurorack width/depth: 8hp; 28mm