Reverse Landfill Scaler

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Reverse Landfill - Video - Scaler -


The Scaler is a 4HP quad voltage scaler designed for use with video modular systems.
The input jacks on Scaler are normalised for easy patching and there are four different build options that are possible with the parts included in the kit.

The four build configurations are:

A) +1v to +5v
B) +1v to +-5v
C) +-5v to +1v
D) +-5v to +-1v

Option A: is for use with modules that have a positive only input (0 to +5v)

If you want to use audio modules as video effects, you can use 2 x Scaler modules: Option B to boost the video voltage up to audio level, and Option C to scale it back down again.

Option C: use this to control your video modules with (audio Eurorack) LFOs , VCOs and other modules that have a +-5v output.

Option D: some video modules can handle +-1v modulation

4HP black panel
Depth: 39mm
Reverse polarity protection
Current draw: +12v: 11mA, -12v: 11mA, +5v: 0mA
Signals: Video (optimised for 0-1v LZX format video)

With the Fallstad circuit simulator

+1v to +5v
+1v to +-5v
+-5v to +1v
+-5v to +-1v