Reverse Landfill CreepCluster Desktopmodule


CreepCluster drone synthesizer

This synth makes deep and low bass drones with phasing movements. The filter cutoff can be controlled by knob and by light (LDR). This tiny desktop unit make a wall of howling sounds!!

2x Trianglewave OSC with pitch control.
1x Switchrate Squarewave OSC with rate control & switchable rate
that controls a two input analog switch.
The two Triangle OSCs are switched at audiorate speed, which causes interesting
waveshape alterations and phasing effects.
1x Lowpass filter with cutoff control & switchable LDR control.

1x 9-12v DC adapter input with +(-) polarity (negative center, positive sleeve).
1x on-off switch.
1x 3.5mm stereo jack output.

Handdrawn front & backpanel, white print on matte black.
Size: 100x80x20mm (100x80x40 with knob height included)

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