Polaxis Terminal

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Polaxis Terminal ist Emy to go, Stromversorgung über die USB-Buchse

Terminal is a standalone modular speech synthesizer containing Emy and a little PCB to provide power and extended connectivity.

It is powered via the USB connector.

The casing allows adding any of the Vox modules inside just by removing 4 screws.
As with Emy, Terminal can be used in a CV controlled environment or act as a MIDI instrument.

The various firmware can simply be installed on the SD card before powering the device.

A pair of shunt allows the user to connect Terminal either as a MIDI USB unit or as a host for a USB keyboard for text entry.

On request, a classical serial TRS MIDI connector can also be added.

Please check this page for more information: https://www.polaxis.be/

Features :

100 % Emy compatible, including adding additional voices
USB port for power or MIDI or USB connection
Optional MIDI TRS connector
USB host connector for computer keyboard
Shunts (must be removed when connecting a keyboard, otherwise, they must be placed vertically)
Line in & out stereo jack 1/4" (line in only used for the Robovox module)
Trimpot to adjust the audio level input (only used for the Robovox module)