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NLC nonlinearcircuits TINKLE als pcb/panel kit (Panel weiß oder schwarz, 4HP).

Alle sonst benötigten Bauteile müssen selbst beschafft werden - sie sind hier nicht enthalten.

TINKLE benötigt überwiegend SMD Bauteile und muß noch selbst zusammengelötet werden !

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This module is a simple 4 channel preset drum module with a distortion circuit added on the summed output. The distortion circuit can be used separately. The drums are based on the so called “Gamelan resonator” circuit developed by Paul DeMarinis in the early 70s for his Pygmy Gamelan device. They are quite simple but have a lovely gentle tone and are easily tunable using different capacitors and gain resistors. The distortion circuit is fairly harsh but when the drums are feed high frequency clocks you can get some quite heavy sync’d riffs going.