This module contains three PT2399 delay chips that feed into each other to create a loop. The delay time for each stage is individually CV controlled and each stage has feedback controls to itself and the previous stage.

Each delay stage can be isolated and used on its own so the module can be used as a triple delay or a 3 stage delay…..kind of: If you are familiar with the original DelayNoMore, you will know it is a crap delay but an excellent noise module, this one is designed to be much the same. The big differences being 3 delay stages instead of 2, CV control over all 3 stages instead of 1 and, as mentioned, the stages can be used individually.

To use, the input signal(s) can be patched into the 1-3 inputs and the three outputs can ll be used to get different signals. The 2nd row of inputs use the jack switches to forward the output of each stage to the input of the next, so if you wish to use the delays individually, use these inputs to break the loop.

There are pads on the PCB to place resistors in parallel with the LDRs in the vactrols, this is to tame the delay times somewhat. It is up to the builder to decide how lame or how out of control they want this module to be.