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This module is an updated version of the 4U CMOSC (CMOS drone Oscillator). It consists of 6 oscillators; each can be switched between two frequencies set by a single pot. When the pot is in the mid-point the two frequencies are about the same. Turn the pot to min or max to switch between higher and lower frequencies, or lower and higher. Each oscillator controls the switching of its subsequent neighbour (1-2, 2-3, 3-4, 4-5, 5-6, 6-1) via the switching pins of the input jacks. Patching in a signal will break this cacophony and allow you to have some control over proceedings.

There is a summed out of all 6 oscillators; pads are there for 5V1 zeners to keep the output of the summed stage to Eurorack …ahem… ‘standards’, tho you can leave them off if you like. The individual outputs generally swing between +/-5V (so 10Vp-p).The summed out is very noisy and raw.

There is a sync/hold input which affects all oscillators. A gate signal will halt all signals until it drops. An audio rate signal forces the oscillators to try and keep up with it.

Despite the normalised connections and the simplicity of the circuit, I usually like to use individual oscillators, rather than everything modulating everything, to create techno like bouncing patterns that are perfectly synced with percussion. I loved using the 4U version of this module, probably because it was so simple to use and get good sounds out of it.