NLC 1U PiLLs (p&p)

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NLC 1U PiLLs is a raw 12HP 1U version of the Mobius PiLL. It uses two cross-coupled Phase locked loop (PLL) ICs that go in and out of chaotic zones at audio rates. If you like making electronic noise, this module is for you. Oh yeh, it has vactrols. It is a pretty simple build and capable of a wide variety of sounds. The demo below is my usual noisy effort but it can be tamed if you choose to feed it CVs from sequencers.

There are 5 inputs, everything affects everything: FM IN - feeds both PLL ICs CV Range 1 & 2 - these control the vactrols. The control circuits are very simple…..a resistor and a vactrol! CV 1 & 2 - these inject a signal into the VCO control input, shove in anything from audio to CV rates and see what you get.

The 4 outputs are from the PLL VCOs and the phase comparators, all are pulse/square waves running from 0-approx 5V.

Matte black and white panels for Pulp Logic and Intellijel formats are available, please specify when ordering.

Please note the white Pulp Logic panel has the manufacturing code on the front, I paid extra for this not to happen but the manufacturer did it anyway and gave me my $1.50 back. It would be a greater crime to chuck the panels because of this, so it is there, use some whiteout if you really hate it. In the same order I specified gloss black panels and got matte, also specified white PCBs and got one batch of white and one batch of green. Somebody was a bit unfocused that day.

Only panel and pcb, no further parts included

[OPTION A] = Intellijel white [39,65mm]

[OPTION B] = Intellijel black [39,65mm]

[OPTION C] = Pulp white [44,45mm]

[OPTION D] = Pulp black [44,45mm]