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Modulove SCOPE OLED Display

This is a PCB version of the HAGIWO Display Eurorack module.

The design was published on Github by mzuelch and we put the design & kits together in our lab.

The module is an Arduino based simple OLED display that has 4 modes as of now.
(Updates / new features in the future can be found in the repository).
The microcontroller can be easily reprogrammed using the Arduino IDE and a USB cable.


- Pre-soldered SMD Parts: Perfect DIY project for beginners.
- Panel Design by bkrsmdesign
- 128 * 64 Pixel 0,96" inch OLED-Display
- Rotary encoder with PRESSURE BUTTON
- Gain-Attenuation
- CHANGE/DC toggle switch
- INPUT (normalized)
- Voltage 5Vp-p
- Eurorack power cable included

- LFO / EG mode
- 1 Capture mode
- Spectrum analyzer-mode

DIY Info:

The construction of the module is simple and suitable for beginners, because only a few common parts are needed.

More information and assembly instructions, code, BOM check the repository here: