Modulove HAGIWO Clock SYNC LFO

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This is a PCB version of the fantastic HAGIWO Clock SYNC LFO.
It was published on Github by mzuelch and we put the design and kits together in our lab.

The module is an Arduino-based LFO and can be clocked / synchronized via the trigger input and provides internal modulation to create complex waveforms.
It can be easily modified / reprogrammed using the Arduino IDE and a USB-C cable.

It offers six waveforms and the following hardware features:

- Pre-soldered SMD Parts: Perfect DIY project for beginners.
- Panel Design by bkrsmdesign
- Knob1: Amplifier control. Setting the output voltage
- Knob2: Phase control. Adjust the phase from 0-360°.
- Knob3: Waveform control. Select the waveform type.
- Knob4: Internal modulation, creating complex waveforms.
- CLK in: IN
- Eurorack power cable included

Changes from the original design:

PWM -> Analog conversion by active Steiner LPF (fg=500Hz) instead of passive RC network
Unipolar output changed from 0/+5V to 0/+10V
Additional bipolar output +/-10V
Additional inverted bipolar output +/-10V

DIY Info:

The assembly of the module is simple and suitable for beginners. The kit comes with SMD parts already soldered.

More information and assembly instructions, code, BOM testing and the repository can be found here: