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A-RYTH-MATIK is an Arduino-based 6 Channel Eurorack gate/trigger sequencer and euclidean Rhythm Generator with SSD1306 0.96 OLED.

The module comes as beginnner friendly DIY Kit with all SMD parts pre soldered. Modulove offers built units customized to your liking.

Its based on the Hagiwo Sequencer project adding support for the added Hardware reset input and LED indicators for each of the 6 channels as well as the clock.
Additionally all jacks are protected agains overvoltage and negative currents.

- Pre-soldered SMD Parts: perfect DIY project for beginners
- Eurorack standard 3U 6HP size
- Skiff friendly
- Power: ~ 65mA (12V)
- Display: 128 * 64 pixel 0.96inch
- Rotary encoder with push button
- TRIG IN: External Clock Input
- RESET: Reset Trigger Input
- Includes Eurorack power cable

There are two flavors of Software available to choose from:

Euclidean rythm Generator including random Mode
Gate Sequencer with auto Mode
The software is easy to modify and reprogramm with the Arduino IDE.

DIY Info:

Building the Module is simple and suited for beginners. All Kits come with SMD parts already soldered.

Find more Info and Assembly Instructions, Firmware, BOM here: