Manecolabs MINI GRONE DRONE Eurorack Module (r2p)

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maneco labs MINI GRONE

  • Eurorack module
  • Drone voice oscillator
  • Ms20 vcf
  • 2 Multi waveform LFOs
  • Noise generator
  • Dual delay block with modulations
  • 26HP
  • less than 30mm deep
  • Art by Alfonsina González #alfonsinapsico

Giving you most of the power of the original Grone Drone comes Maneco Labs' Mini Grone Drone, an all-in-one soundscape machine for creating interesting textures and pads of sound. Provided with two generators, the first is a VCO derived from one of 16 binary equations, each of which determine the synthesized signal from three different controls—A0, A1, and A2. From there your pitch can be set via the sample rate control or controlled via the CV input as well as set the output level from the osc level control. The second generator is a white noise source with individual level and output to be used in any fashion. To tame and darken your drone, Mini Grone Drone provides a MS20 style low pass filter with cutoff and resonance controls as well as two modulation inputs for dynamic cutoff performance.

The final stage of drone creation lies in the dual delays, each with individual control over time, a shared feedback, and a shared output level. Both delays have their own modulation sources, each tied to one of the two highly shapeable LFOs with independent rates and waveforms, one of eight to choose from. With additional routing in and out of each section, Mini Grone Drone from Maneco Labs is an amazing module to add to any modular system for a variety of uses.

** Design kann abweichen // Design may differ !