Manecolabs Grone Genesis

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Manecolabs Grone Genesis

This eurorack module is the latest addition to Grone family, as an introductory device to the wonders of drone textures, easy to operate and capable of many different sonic colours.

It includes:

  • 4 drone oscillators , blendable and with a global pitch control, and switchable pitch modulation
  • Noise generator with mix control
  • Transistor ladder Moog VCF with external input and external CV modulation
  • Analog voiced delay , capable of self oscillation
  • 2 Low frequency oscillators , one with square and triangle selectable for modulating filter, the other with triangle wave dedicated to delay time modulation.
  • Output overdrive/distortion for destroying resulting audio.
  • Size : 24 HP
  • Power consumption: +12v 80 milliamps , -12v 10 milliamps