Manecolabs Filter Eko 3U (r2p)

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maneco labs Filter Eko

  • 8bits loop delay
  • Based on vintage ehx16 seconds delay
  • Modulation with 8 waveforms
  • Ms20 low pass VCF
  • Extra Dub Delay in filter feedback
  • Reverse , slow and hold/infinite
  • Up to 64 seconds delay time

Built module, no DIY

Working off of the wonderful and creative platform that was the EHX 16 Second Delay comes Maneco Labs' Filter Eko, an 8-bit looping delay with filtering and modulation to make your loop and delays come to life. Giving you the same flexibility as the EHX 16 plus the benefits of modular patching, the Filter Eko acts as a delay until the hold/infinite parameter is engaged. From here you can shape your affected signal through an MS20-style low pass filter, add feedback to the delay/loop, and even modulate the time from one of eight different modulation waveforms. Both modulation and delay/loop time have timing switches, where the modulation can go from LFO to audio rate for FM tones and the delay/loop can go into a half-time via the slow switch. Additionally, the delay or loop can be played in reverse, much like the original EHX 16, and you can mix between the dry and wet signal via the blend control. With CV control over a variety of the on-panel controls, Filter Eko by Maneco Labs is your one-stop solution for gritty delays and loops for your Eurorack case.