Jolinlab TABØR

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Jolinlabs TABØR is a rhythmic analogue sound and CV source based on the unpredictability of four avalanche transistors in a continuous oscillation state.

These unpredictable core oscillators are related to each other and their charge and discharge cycle creates complex rhythmic sound textures that can be controlled and triggered with external CV inputs to add more contamination.

With this circuit we can obtain rhythmic textures- intended as rise pulses – and different tone heights by mixing the colors of the LEDs and the values of the capacitors. The waveform of a single oscillator, unfiltered, is basically a sawtooth. The result of the FM modulation of the whole sound engine is chaotic.


12 HP wide

28 mm deep (THT kit 45 mm)

110 mA +12V

100 mA -12V

0 mA 5V

Available as:

smd-presoldered pcb/panel kit

full kit


each in three different designs to choose from:

Black Orb

Black Mirror

White Mirror

[Option A] = smd-presoldered Black Mirror

[Option B] = smd-presoldered Black Orb

[Option C] = smd-presoldered White Mirror

[Option D] = full THT Kit Black Mirror

[Option E] = Full THT Kit Black Orb

[Option F] = Full THT Kit WhiteMirror

[Option G] = built Black Mirror

[Option H] = built Black Orb

[Option I] = built White Mirror

SMD build guide