Jolinlab GOBLET

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Jolinlabs GOBLET is an analog filter and distortion unit with some added quirks and extra controls.


• To make stuff sound filthy

• To shape the output of an oscillator

• To live interact with the sound during a performance

• To soft sweep the cutoff thanks to the optocouplers logarithmic response


• Simple waves – make them unrecognizable

• Complex waves – shape them into something new

• Percussions – crank the resonance and give an acid twist to a beat

• No input – play with the feedback and the touch controls


Start with both faders ( frequency, resonance) at maximum, turn the trimmers fully clockwise and the feedback pot at 0. Now insert an input into and take the output either from - LP – or - notch. Start to turn the frequency trimmer until the resonance kicks in. Now adjust the resonance trimmer to your taste. The faders now have full range of responsiveness, start to play with them. Adjust the feedback and start the filth.

“This procedure is not mandatory at all – take it as a shortcut to understand how this filter works and how all the blocks are interconnected and weighted.”

Interact with the two touch plates and the momentary button for extra distortion.

An LED will light up when a signal is plugged in the below jack. This acts as an accent CV input strictly related to the frequency and the total feedback amount.


• Unique analog two pole circuit with custom optocouplers fed directly in the feedback path

• Two step controls and individual CV inputs on frequency and resonance for precise sound sculpting

• Dedicated potentiometer for the total amount of feedback

• A performance-oriented momentary switch for extra distortion

• Two expressive touch points to make your body interact with the circuit

• Rhythmically oriented accent CV input

• Two outputs – a smoother LP and an aggressive notch

• Works with audio and CV sources

• Single board design – extremely skiff friendly

• “Whatever” power connector a.k.a. don’t mind the polarity


• current draw ⇒ +12V 45ma, -12V 25ma

• dimensions ⇒ width 8HP, depth 18mm