Jolinlab GETREKT

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Jolinlabs GETREKT is a full analogue waveshaper – an aggressive one.


• To add saturation and harmonics

• To disrupt – folding - and cut into pieces - clipping

• To generate square waves from other control voltage signals or audio sources

• To invert the polarity of a trigger or other kind of pulses.


• Sine waves – hear them scream

• Human voices – fracture them in pieces with clipping as a good ol’ broken tape would do

• Complex audio sources – to control and flatten them

• Envelopes going to a drum module – rectify or fold that decay tail


Fed an input – audio or CV – in and take the processed output

The circuit is designed to invert the polarity of any given input.

“Disrupt and Pieces are analog touch controls; they act like potentiometers and they keep the value once the finger is lifted from the surface. As it takes time to turn a pot, it takes time to interact with these controls: bridge with your finger the first line and the center III to decrease the value or the center and the last one III to increment. A red and a blue LEDs will light up to give visual feedback of the position of the control. This is a full analogue continuous control, designed to be an expressive and interactive gateway to decrease the boundaries between the user, the environment and the music-making-devices.”

DISRUPT: controls how much the output is affected by the waveshaper circuit. At maximum it will fold and create a total harmonic distortion.

PIECES: the pulse width of the resulting transformed wave.

Both parameters have a dedicated reactive CV input. If connected, the touch potentiometer act as an offset of the incoming signal.


• Clipping and folding analog waveshaper circuit

• Touch Controls on the amount of effect and PWM

• Reactive CV inputs on both parameters

• Inverts the polarity of any given input

• Works with audio and CV sources

• Single board design – extremely skiff friendly

• “Whatever” power connector a.k.a. don’t mind the polarity.


• current draw ⇒ +12V 35ma, -12V 30ma

• dimensions ⇒ width 4HP, depth 18mm