Jolinlab ASHIKO

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Jolinlabs ASHIKO is a quad stereo VCA designed to create multi-directional sounds starting with mono sources :


• To instantly create a stereo image with a mono source and a single CV input

• To CV switch a sequence and send it alternatively to two different oscillators

• To direct the movements in a quadrophonic system

• To control up to 4 sources with independent CVs and send them to 8 different outputs


• LFOs – perfect as CV inputs

• Oscillators – to enhance them in the stereo field

• Delays – instant ping-pong effect

• Samples – manipulate their presence in the mix with addition modulations


Plug an input into “I” and a LFO in “V”. Connect the two outputs “O” into a mixer / output module. The switch at the bottom is used to set the mono – stereo mode of the VCA. The other toggle is to select between a hard and a soft pan curve. Visual feedback of which of the two output is currently open is given with two blue LEDs.

“It’s called see-saw VCA because when an output is linearly opening the other one is alternately closing following the behaviour of the CV source. Different kind of controls – pulses, envelopes, complex waves - will make the VCA react in a distinctive way.”

With stereo mode active – bottom toggle switch on - connect a triangle wave from an LFO in the V input. Rise the frequency of the LFO to speed up the opening-closing action of the VCAs, resulting in a faster stereo and phasing effect. Make this panning harder or softer with the other toggle switch. Experiment with all kind of input waves to get unique results.


• 4 Stereo full range VCAs

• Transistors based CV inputs designed to give the best results with LFOs

• Individual toggle switches to activate mono or stereo mode

• Selectable hard/soft switching curve

• Input and CV are normalled and they flow top to bottom when no jack is inserted

• Works with audio and CV sources

• “Whatever” power connector a.k.a. don’t mind the polarity


• current draw ⇒ +12V 85ma, -12V 70ma

• dimensions ⇒ width 6HP, depth 25mm