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The ENV310 is an envelope generator based on the SMD AS3310.

It is a modern recreation of the classic Curtis CEM3310 chip, used in many famous mono and poly analogue synth from the eighties.

Feedback Modules took the best ideas from all the classic 3310 circuits and tried to squeeze the maximum from this fantastic chip.

Tech Specs :

- Panel width 6HP
- 35mm depth behind the panel, including the power connector
- 4 control pots : Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release
- 1 gate switch : triggers ADSR cycle
- 1 mode switch : Normal (ADSR), Damp (ADRR), Auto (ASR)
- 1 re trigger input
- One normal and one inverting output jack 10V peak
- Standard 10 pin euro power +12V/-12V
- Power consumption +12V 55mA , -12V 16mA

Attack Time 2.5ms-1.5s
Decay Time 6ms-4s
Sustain Level 0-10V
Release Time 6ms-4s