erica synths Black MIDI-CV V2 (r2p)

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erica synths Black MIDI-CV V2 als bereits fertig zusammengebautes und spielbereites Eurorackmodul in 6 HP Breite.

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Erica Synths Black MIDI-CV is a compact, highly accurate and easy to use duophonic MIDI interface.


  • Two CV and Gate outputs MIDI clock output (4ppq – sequencer friendly)
  • Configurable MOD output – modulation wheel or velocity
  • Analogue glide on both MIDI channels
  • One or two MIDI channel configuration
  • One or two voice switch

This module emulates classic monophonic and duophonic synth behaviour, it can also be configured for use in two independent MIDI channels. Bonus features – MIDI clock output and analogue glide circuit on both channels.

Erica Black series are high-end modules with unique functionality. Only the highest quality components are used and all inputs and outputs are protected against undesired overvoltage. When designing the Black Series, we did not economise on the module width, we put design and usability first. Big knobs are assigned to functions that make difference in sound. Together the Erica Black series are a range of modules that make an entire synthesizer.

Technical specifications:

CV range 0-8V

Max CV deviation 0.001V; 1cent

Gate and Clock level 5v

Glide time 0 – 2”

Power consumption +40mA, -9mA

Module width 6HP

Module depth 30mm